E-Communications 13/05/16 - Blog: Don’t be tongue-tied selling benefits of MSP
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You face a challenge when you try to switch your existing customers to MSP.

From monthly billing to remote monitoring, there’s always something the customer finds new and unfamiliar, and whose benefits you can’t quite articulate!

Read this new blog, How to sell customers on the benefits of managed services, and restore clarity and conviction to your pitch, helping you to move customers out of hourly billing and into the MSP profit zone!

We’ve spoken to colleagues, customers and partners, and trawled the internet for helpful information.

We explain where your MSP sales pitch is likely to stumble, offer solutions, and point you in the direction of other useful resources.

It’s a brave new MSP world out there, but for some of your customers it may seem like it all requires a little too much courage. Read our blog and help them through it.

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Mark Charleton
CEO, Blue Solutions Ltd.
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