E-Communications 21/02/18 - [BLOG] There is New Revenue in the Cloud
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Cloud to Cloud Backup
Did you lose revenues when your customers moved to Office 365? Here’s a new revenue stream for you!
CloudAlly offers an easy and reliable Cloud to Cloud backup solution for leading online services such as Office 365, G Suite / Google Apps, Box and Salesforce.
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Being in the cloud gives your customers the freedom to instantly access and modify all their data from anywhere. But this also opens up vulnerabilities they might not have considered:
  • User Errors – What happens if someone accidentally overwrite an entry in Salesforce? Or deletes an entire subfolder in Office 365?
  • Malicious Destruction – What if their data is corrupted or deleted by a disgruntled employee?
  • Ransomware – Office 365 users may think their data is already backed up on Microsoft Azure servers, but this is only available to clients for 14 days. What if the infection started before that point?
We will be running a CloudAlly introduction webinar on Friday 23rd at 10:00am, to register for free please follow the link below:

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CloudAlly is designed to make data loss a thing of the past. With all your customers’ cloud data backed up there is no need to worry. You can find, restore and export their archived data in minutes, recover data from any point in time at any hierarchical level, all managed from a simple, intuitive interface. Along with our flexible PAYG pricing you can offer your customers the best possible service, and best of all – continue to grow your monthly revenue!

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All Your Online Data, Backed Up in One Place

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