E-Communications 10/05/16 - Your customers: infected & unaware. Ker-ching!
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Did you know that, according to research, malicious threats remain undetected on business endpoints for three months or more on average?

This is why we've partnered with Malwarebytes to bring you Breach Remediation - a small, portable application that enables your customers to remove malware completely if their existing AV and endpoint protection lets them down!

Why you and your customers need Breach Remediation

tick Recently upgraded to its most powerful version ever, Breach Remediation makes you your customers' "malware saviour", removing the immediate infection but also eliminating the risk of new attacks that capitalise on leftover malware traces
tick Grows your Malwarebytes customer base - Breach Remediation is a compelling customer introduction to the Malwarebytes business solutions that prevent infection in the first place
tick Multiple revenue streams - Malwarebytes solutions do not displace other security products, so you can sell your customers Malwarebytes alongside your existing revenue-generative products and services!
tick Proven effectiveness and cost reduction - "When we first deployed Malwarebytes, we found malware everywhere. Now we spend less than an hour per week remediating systems." (Robert Kay, Infrastructure and Operations Leader, Hypertherm).

How do I get Breach Remediation?

It's as simple as clicking the link below and sending us your request.

We're your trusted UK Malwarebytes distribution partner, so we'll take care of the rest! We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Mark Charleton
CEO, Blue Solutions Ltd.
Who is Blue Solutions?

Since 2000, Blue Solutions (www.bluesolutions.co.uk) has enabled MSPs and resellers to boost recurring revenues, strengthen margins, and differentiate their offering, across security, Cloud, backup, and more.

Blue Solutions is a pre-eminent distribution specialist for Malwarebytes’ security services. It works closely with Malwarebytes to ensure that partners have ready access to the solutions, services, support, and marketing they need to differentiate their security services to their end-users in a crowded market.
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