MSP FAQs - Blue Solutions the Perfect Partner for MSPs

If you are a managed services provider (MSP), or looking to become one, and want to increase regular revenue, reduce costs, decrease churn, minimise the time and effort spent managing technology AND boost monthly billings then you need to talk to us!

We understand your needs and challenges, because we have the expertise and a proven track-record of working with MSPs for their security software services needs – this expertise as won us the highest proportion of MSP partners of any software distributor.

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No it isn’t. The main things to notice are: Your customer does not own the license. They only have the right to use it, as long as they keep up with the monthly payments.
No, not for an MSP opportunity. You get aggregated pricing between all of your customers, which will earn you more margin as you grow.
No. You get a buy price only, so that you can wrap the services into your existing offering and charge your customers for the full monthly service they receive from you.
It is up to you whether you want to pass on the margin savings you make by aggregation.
There are no renewals. The monthly license will auto-renew until cancelled.
You don’t need one. The pricelist will show your buy price for each price bracket, if adding a new customer will take you up to the next price bracket your buy price for all existing customers will go down.
No, they are very simple. The more you buy of one service the less you pay per license.
No there is not. The monthly license will auto-renew until cancelled.
We will send you a monthly invoice for the total amount of usage on each service.
By Direct Debit (or credit card for non UK bank accounts)
Each Vendor has a separate portal where you manage your licenses. Some vendors have integrations with RMM and PSA tools, for further information please contact us.
There is no need to co-terminate licenses, you can add and remove licenses as needed.
No. If you want to change a customer or device from e.g. a standard service to an advanced service, you simply uninstall and reinstall. The best time of month to perform this differs by vendor, please contact us for more information.