Security Solutions

Application Layer Security Solutions

The application layer is the nearest layer to the user, and presents the greatest attack surface – but it’s also a layer that businesses make extensive use of through office and productivity tools. Put these two things together and they create a risk scenario that is rich in security opportunities, thanks to the solutions below!

Patch Management Solutions

Patching can be a headache to manage, sucking up your time and increasing your management and admin costs, but exploits that target unpatched vulnerabilities in software account for 85% of all attack angles. How do you turn this into a profitable opportunity?

Automate it! We work with vendors like Heimdal Security and Bitdefender to enable you to be on top of your patching and application security game all the time – but without the fuss and unnecessary cost.

USPs: Automatic patching for Acrobat, Java, Flash and more, with zero setup; integrated management portal; GDPR compliance support; trusted, secure patch sources

Email Server Protection Solutions

Your customers love the communication and collaboration value they get from email and messaging, but these channels are a prime target for malicious spam, malware, ransomware and many other threats too.

We offer advanced solutions from Trend Micro that use intelligent machine-learning to secure your customers against all message-borne threats, from spam to Business Email Compromise (BEC), and everything in between.

USPs: Seamless integration with customers’ existing Exchange investments; protection for both physical and virtual servers across all layers; central management console; award-winning technology