Security Solutions

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Backing up data to multiple alternative locations is of little use if that data can’t be rapidly restored into your customers’ business in a way that makes it easy for them to continue using it to do business. You need to deliver on both fronts – and we’ve got solutions that put you in that profitable place!

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Solutions

Office 365, Exchange, Google Apps, Salesforce and many more – they’re in the cloud, but that doesn’t mean they’re backing up your customers’ data in any reliable way, as the recycle bin is regularly purged!

Our cloud-to-cloud backup solutions from CloudAlly plug your customers’ cloud applications into permanent, cloud-based backup services that also enable them to rapidly restore critical data to ensure business continuity.

USPs: Restores VM, physical machine, application and files locally and across the WAN in minutes; data encrypted in movement and at rest; helps fulfil compliance, legal and financial / audit obligations.

Offsite and Replication Solutions

When your customers have operational, legal or compliance requirements that mean they have to back data up to an offsite data centre, it can be a real headache for them. Replication from master backup to the data centre isn’t the only challenge - they need to be able to restore data direct from the offsite location too (otherwise there’s little point in having it!)

Our solutions from Redstor and Vembu cover all eventualities, minimising customer downtime and ensuring maximum availability and restorability of disaster recovery data.

USPs: Single console for multiple users and backup accounts; rapidly deployable from the cloud; backs up and restores all data, not just files; MSP option means no upfront costs

Physical and Virtual Backup Solutions

With more and more organisations mixing and matching physical IT infrastructure and highly virtualised data centre environments, and often shifting workloads between them, backup and recovery needs to cover all bases.

Our innovative solutions from Redstor and Vembu work seamlessly across physical Windows, Linux and Mac environments, plus virtualised VMWare, Hyper V and OpenStack deployments – and more.

USPs: Single console for multiple users and backup accounts; flexible deployment (offsite, cloud, on-premise, hybrid); restore of data and applications in seconds; miserly bandwidth use

Cloud Backup Solutions

Backing up and restoring from the cloud is attractive and economical for your customers – but how safe and resilient is their data in the cloud? Will it be there when they need it?

The benefits of our cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions from Redstor and Vembu include mirrored data centres to keep data constantly available even through faults and outages, military-grade encryption for compliance, and ‘anytime, anywhere’ restore via the internet.

USPs: Centralised monitoring and management portal; backup and restore all data, not just files and folders; backup for 100 million files per hour, every hour; comprehensive backup status reporting