Security Solutions

Cloud Layer Security Solutions

There are threats hiding in the known security shortcomings in cloud applications like Box, Dropbox, Office 365, OneDrive, and others. As your customers become more and more dependent on these cloud apps, they’ll need to turn to someone for security. Here are the solutions you need to make that someone you!

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solutions

If your customers’ data goes where it shouldn’t in the cloud, it could be stolen, used to hold them to ransom, or simply made embarrassingly (and prosecutably!) public.

Identifying, tracking, and securing all confidential data in cloud apps therefore a critical need for them – and a revenue opportunity for you. Thanks to our solutions from Trend Micro (Cloud App Security, InterScan Web Security, Integrated Data Loss Prevention) we’ve got it covered!

USPs: Centralised management console; requires no additional hardware or software; detects and reacts to improper data use; monitors networks and cloud app use 24 x 7

Cloud Collaboration Protection Solutions

Who’s making sure the solutions your customers use to share data with each other – Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Sharepoint – aren’t simply a target-rich environment for threats and their perpetrators?

Thanks to market-leading solutions from Trend Micro, we enable you to keep your customers’ preferred cloud collaboration apps secure, scanning files and data and ensuring threats and threat actors can’t move soundlessly through your customers’ businesses!

USPs: Rapid set-up with Microsoft API; cloud-to-cloud integration, so no rerouting of traffic; easy management through a centralised console; cost-effective bundles available

Cloud Access Security Broker Solutions

If you can help to extend your customers’ existing on-prem security into the cloud, you can tap into a very real additional revenue stream (after all, they’re using cloud apps for work anyway, whether employers know it, like it, or can secure it!)

Blue Solutions gives you what you need to start those conversations and deliver on them, thanks to our Trend Micro cloud access security broker solution. It inspects, analyses and if necessary blocks users’ cloud app access requests before the business’s servers can connect to them.

USPs: Centralised management console; continually updated URL reputation checking; rapid to deploy, across cloud, on-premise and hybrid models; no upfront costs necessary

Cloud Workload Protection Solutions

Moving workloads to and from the public cloud gives your customers additional computing capacity with great economy. But it’s a false economy if those workloads aren’t secure – and much of your customers’ existing security is simply not designed to work across public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

Opportunity knocks – and Blue Solutions answers! With the latest cloud workload solutions from Trend Micro, you can secure your customers’ data and applications wherever they’re running them from that day!

USPs: Advanced security for physical, virtual, and cloud servers; single platform to manage all environments; multi-tenancy to accommodate more customers; automated anti-malware deployment