Security Solutions

Data Layer Security Solutions

Your customers’ data is what the ‘bad guys’ are after. If it’s not properly secured, it can be spied on, held to ransom, and stolen – and it can compromise other layers in your customers’ IT environment. Here’s how we keep the hacker’s hands off your customers’ ‘crown jewels’!

Data Governance Solutions

Your customers make heavy use of information sharing over email, but critical information can fall into the wrong hands. That’s potentially a GDPR lawsuit!

At Blue Solutions, we work with forward-thinking vendors like AppRiver to encrypt email so that it can only be opened by the intended recipient(s), and to notify the sender as to who has received it and what they do with it next.

USPs: Compliance- and GDPR-friendly; easy to manage through a centralised console; no client software required; scales effortlessly for both SME and enterprise clients.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solutions

Your customers’ data is on the move - on flash drives, by email, in the cloud, on personal mobile devices. At any of those stages, it could be lost or stolen.

This is why identifying, tracking, and securing all confidential data from multiple points within the organisation is a critical need – and a compelling revenue stream for you! Let us introduce you to Trend Micro and its Integrated Data Loss Prevention solution in our webinar series.

USPs: Centralised management console; requires no additional hardware or software; detects and reacts to improper data use; monitors networks 24 x 7