Security Solutions

Network Layer Security Solutions

Keep your customers’ email and web gateways protected and you’ll secure them against both outside-in and insider security threats, as well as stopping data loss that could paralyse their business and put them in serious legal breach of compliance. Here are the solutions you need...

Secure Email Gateway Solutions

Your customers want even the most sophisticated threats stopped, communication made compliant, and data loss rigorously prevented – but they don’t want to burn through core business productivity managing and updating this protection.

With our solutions from Trend Micro and AppRiver, they don’t need to. With thousands of automatic updates daily, specific protection against spear phishing, spoofing and business email compromise (BEC), and powerful encryption that needs no pre-enrolment or certificate management, it’s as secure as it gets!

USPs: Centralised management consoles; updates from global threat intelligence networks; on-prem and as-a-Service deployment options; customisable data loss prevention templates

Secure Web Gateway Solutions

The web is a powerful resource for your customers’ businesses, but it’s also an unending source of malicious content, from offensive material, to viruses, malware, social engineering attacks, and more.

They need comprehensive web protection every moment they’re connected to the outside world, and with our web gateway security solutions from Trend Micro and AppRiver, you’re the go-to people to provide it, with a list of selling points other solutions just can’t match!

USPs: Centralised management consoles; continually updated threat intelligence; detection of zero-day exploits and unknown threats; comprehensive policy settings and reporting