AppRiver Nautical

All your MSP solutions, easily managed from one place

AppRiver Portal ScreenshotNautical, AppRiver's next-generation business management platform, is designed specifically to make subscription-based, cloud-delivered security services easier and more profitable for MSPs.

Nautical takes the hard work out of delivering the MSP solutions that can really boost your bottom line, by making all your activities (including provisioning, billing and CRM) manageable from one place.

Nautical enables you to deliver:

  • An entire channel programme in one portal! Create and manage many customers, easily and efficiently - within one multitenant environment.
  • Error-free billing – Updates are automatic and instantaneously searchable, eliminating revenue loss due to human error and dramatically improving operational efficiency
  • App store-style agility – Both you and your customers can easily add and integrate new products and services – just like in an app store!
  • Effortless diagnostics – Cross-app diagnostics deliver a single, regular, unified application healthcheck to your customers.


Featuring a multitenant architecture (supporting hundreds of channel layers), integrated billing that dramatically simplifies payment processing, co-brandable white-labelling and powerful cross-application metrics, Nautical puts you at the helm of a comprehensive MSP security offering – without the kind of operational costs that could run your business aground!