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Billing, helpdesk, support – they’re all critical processes (along with many others) that enable you to provide what your customers expect from you. But the more time and effort you have to focus on them, and the more vendors’ solutions you deal with, the more of a mauling your margins are likely to take – and that’s not a sustainable business model.

We’re proud to work with ConnectWise’s   range of PSA and RMM solutions (including former LabTech solutions) to help you automate, integrate, centralise and control your services, across leading security solutions from Bitdefender and Trend Micro, delivering satisfied customers and strong financials!

Choose your PSA and RMM Vendor wisely.
Why it pays to think ConnectWise

Two out of three top MSPs use ConnectWise - not to mention hundreds of system integrators, software companies, cloud service providers and resellers.

So when you choose your security vendor, if its solutions don’t work with ConnectWise, then you’re behind the industry curve.

And if your chosen PSA solution doesn’t integrate with the industry’s leading vendors’ products then you’re not offering what the vast majority of your customers and prospects probably want!

So look out for these names…

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Choose your PSA and RMM  Vendor wisely.

What is ConnectWise Automate?
Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

Formerly known as LabTech, ConnectWise Automate is the only RMM platform developed by IT service providers to automate IT service delivery and drive revenue growth. With this platform, MSPs don’t have to be in more than one place at once and can solve clients’ IT issues before they become fully blown problems.

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ConnectWise Automate Features
Extend and Automate Your IT Services

ConnectWise Automate is the most powerful, feature-rich and most widely recognized RMM platform in today’s IT market. Streamline your IT service delivery with ConnectWise Automate and easily automate tasks and processes.

With premier remote control and easy software deployment, this is the RMM solution that helps MSPs to improve efficiency. Features include:

  • Premier Remote Control - Provide remote support faster than ever with native ScreenConnect integration. Seamless integration enables you instantly launch a ScreenConnect remote control session from the ConnectWise Automate Computer Management screen with a single click.
  • IT Asset Management - Compile data, audit and manage workstations, servers, printers, routers and mobile devices. Group by OS, application or location.
  • Software Deployment - Deploy software and services to one device, a group of devices or to one or multiple locations without business disruption to clients.

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ConnectWise Automate Features

ConnectWise Automate Benefits
Complete Visibility and Control

Designed with cutting-edge agent technology, the ConnectWise Automate remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform will greatly increase your operational efficiency and considerably improve resource utilisation.

  • Extend Your Usability with ConnectWise Automate Ignite® - ConnectWise Automate Ignite was designed to provide the highest level of automation out-of-the-box and includes more than 500 monitors and alerts based on Microsoft® and IT industry best practices, over 300 built-in scripts, and pre-configured groups, searches, templates and schedules. Built directly into ConnectWise Automate, ConnectWise Automate Ignite is an industry exclusive that drastically reduces the learning curve associated with ConnectWise Automate.
  • Expand Visibility - Our enhanced control center user interface (UI) delivers easier and quicker feature detection. Accordion-style navigation allows for improved organization around service activities.
  • Improve Service Time - Unparalleled performance speed coupled with on-demand tunnel vision streamlines and improves technician response time.

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ConnectWise Automate Benefits

PSA, RMM: Why Blue Solutions and ConnectWise?
Multi-vendor billing, ticketing, monitoring, CRM, backed by unrivalled expertise

The key to your business’s success is growing your revenues and customer base without burning through costly customer management resource.

Easy to say – but how do you actually centralise this capability across many different vendors’ solutions, seamlessly, rapidly, and without disruption to your business?

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PSA, RMM: Why Blue Solutions and ConnectWise?