Choose your PSA and RMM Vendor wisely.
Why it pays to think ConnectWise

Two out of three top MSPs use ConnectWise - not to mention hundreds of system integrators, software companies, cloud service providers and resellers.

So when you choose your security vendor, if its solutions don’t work with ConnectWise, then you’re behind the industry curve!

And if your chosen PSA solution doesn’t integrate with the industry’s leading vendors’ products then you’re not offering what the vast majority of your customers and prospects probably want.

So look out for these ConnectWise-compatible names:

  • LabTech – Now rebranded ConnectWise Automate, LabTech is the most powerful, feature-rich widely recognised RMM platform in today’s IT market. It automates support, IT asset management and software deployment to drive your business’s efficiencies skyward!
  • Trend Micro – With well over twenty years’ experience, plus multiple award-winning security innovations in and for the cloud, Trend Micro delivers trustworthy MSP security solutions that can start small but are low-maintenance and easy to scale. They slash servicing costs and deliver market-beating margins as your customers’ businesses grow.