ConnectWise Automate Benefits
Complete Visibility and Control

With ConnectWise Automate, you can eliminate time-intensive, repetitive maintenance tasks, assign your technical resources to higher priority jobs and invest time in nurturing your clients and growing your business. In other words, you can do more with less as you leverage the power of automation. If you can think of a task that needs automation, ConnectWise Automate can do it!

  • Extend Your Usability with LabTech Ignite® - LabTech Ignite was designed to provide the highest level of automation out-of-the-box and includes more than 500 monitors and alerts based on Microsoft® and IT industry best practices, over 300 built-in scripts, and pre-configured groups, searches, templates and schedules. Built directly into LabTech, LabTech Ignite is an industry exclusive that drastically reduces the learning curve associated with LabTech.
  • Expand Visibility - Our enhanced control center user interface (UI) delivers easier and quicker feature detection. Accordion-style navigation allows for improved organization around service activities.
  • Improve Service Time - Unparalleled performance speed coupled with on-demand tunnel vision streamlines and improves technician response time.
  • Maximize Technician Utilization - LabTech’s process automation and remote management maximize resource utilization. Automate repetitive tasks and assign resources to higher revenue-generating projects.
  • Provide Stealth Support - Perform non-intrusive, seamless maintenance and support services without scheduling end-user interruptions and downtime.
  • Expand Your Services Offering - LabTech’s increased command processing speed, centralized dashboards and refined reporting allow for enhanced IT service offerings without additional technical resources.
  • Validate Your Services - Obtain complete visibility into your clients’ operations, highlight potential issues and provide decision making tools through customized reporting.
  • Generate Recurring Revenue - Less time spent on repetitive maintenance and support tasks is additional time to nurture and convert customers into a managed services model.
  • Scale When Necessary - LabTech Software is determined to retain affordable and convenient pricing for its partners and sells only the agents you need, when you need them.Enable Downstream IT - The LabTech Web Control Center allows you to provide onsite corporate IT personnel with access to manage service ticket requests and limited management capabilities for troubleshooting, enabling you to add value or build new revenue streams with downstream IT.