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Why D3 Security for MSPs?

Achieve rapid incident resolution and consistent security operations with award-winning SOAR technology

  • D3 ingests alerts from across the security infrastructure, enriches them with threat intelligence and contextual data, and executes automation-powered playbooks to guide response to the threat.
  • D3’s MITRE ATT&CK kill chain discovery feature analyzes adversary techniques and searches for events that could be part of the same attack.
  • D3 has the deepest case management and reporting capabilities of any SOAR platform, including collaborative features, support for audit and compliance needs, digital forensics, and more.

Full Lifecycle

Go beyond triage to fully investigate root causes


Create a hub for your security operations


Drive efficiency and flexibility through communication tools


Go with the vendor used by 100+ of the Fortune 500


Overcome skill and resource gaps by getting more out of every analyst


Standardise processes with playbooks, templates, and tooltips

D3 Operationalises the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix

Uniquely among SOAR vendors, D3 has built a live and contextual cyber kill chain framework built around the hundreds of adversary tactics and techniques catalogued in the MITRE ATT&CK matrix. When an event is ingested into D3, the system strips out IOCs and enters them into a kill chain discovery process, which identifies the ATT&CK techniques and tactics being used, and uses that information to search for correlated events. As more events are found, their IOCs and contextual data are entered back into kill chain discovery, continuously expanding the operator ’s view of the incident.

This feature represents a shift in the SOAR market from event-based response—where each alert is treated as an isolated occurrence—to intent-based response—where all alerts are placed into full context based on an understanding of adversarial intent.

How D3 Uses the MITRE ATT&CK Framework for Intelligent Correlation Video

Connective Tissue for the SOC

D3 features out-of-the-box and custom integrations with 200+ SIEM, firewall, endpoint protection, threat intelligence, and other security tools.

Inc. Fortinet, Symantec, McAfee, Cisco, Micro Focus, Carbon Black, Splunk, Microsoft, FireEye

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Your Organisation never stands still, so your software shouldn't either. D3's flexible and configurable architecture enables it to support a wide range of use cases, that far surpass standard SOAR functionality. D3's key differentiators include:

Investigative Case Management

D3 gives you the ability to thoroughly investigate complex incidents, with guided investigation workflows, visual link analysis, collaborative tools, automatic audit log generation, digital evidence tracking, root cause analysis, and more.

Modular Design

D3's independent modules give you the freedom to add, edit, and remove components as needed, yielding significant cost savings and dynamic layers of configurability

Business Agility

D3's Visual Playbook Editor, agile development cycle, and dynamic data structure enable it to rapidly adapt to changes in your environment without wasting time and occupying your internal resources.

Long-Term Value

D3 supports a low TCO, with comprehensive functionality, no quotas on the number of incoming events, no per action charges, and a superior offering of professional services.

Why Source D3 from Blue Solutions

A combination of benefits you won’t find elsewhere

D3 chose us to be its UK Distributor because they recognised we are a leading, experienced cyber-security software distributor with an experienced team of professionals focused on helping MSPs achieve predictable and scalable recurring revenues.

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