Why Heimdal Security for Resellers

Block Malware in traffic before it even reaches the files

Heimdal Security secures data against next generation malware, ransomware, exploit kits, financial threats and more.

It has developed a unique 2-way traffic scanning engine to detect and block advanced malware that aren’t picked up by signature-based anti-virus programs.

Heimdal stops malicious data transfers coming from infected servers, domains and websites. All incoming and outgoing traffic is sanitized against malware infections, providing resellers with an additional revenue stream and an another layer of security for their customers.

Why Heimdal Security for Resellers

Traffic-Based protection adds to a Multi-layered Security Approach

Heimdal Corp is not a replacement for endpoint protection, and in fact the two solutions complement each other as they address different endpoint security aspects.

  • Endpoint protection products scan files and signatures and offer firewall and phishing protection.
  • Heimdal focuses on the communication from and to the PC to combat and detect incoming 2nd generation malware, combined with patching to close security gaps used by attackers.

Heimdal Corp - Unified Threat Platform

Heimdal Corporate offers real-time threat and status reporting, delivered in intervals of your choosing. Data is graphed and scaled daily, weekly or monthly for an easy overview and can be integrated into SIEM via API.

Heimdal Corporate UTP helps you perform:

  • Next Generation malware prevention and detection
  • Quick response and Forensics on malware infections
  • Data leakage prevention
  • Malicious traffic tracking and risk prevention
  • Vulnerability management and compliance (GDPR)
  • Lifetime history storage for auditing and compliance

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Unified Threat Platform

Group Policies and Active Directory Integration

Allows you to define policies for Traffic scanning, malware detection, patching and installation for different segments of your Heimdal Corporate environment.

This gives you the option to segment your entire IT environment and create policies which apply to your exact needs across the Active Directory groups of your organisations. Heimdal policies can be made both one to one and one too many.

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Group Policies and Active Directory Integration - Click to enlarge

Heimdal Corp - Protects what others can’t

The Security Suite consists of 3 key layers:

Unique 2-Way Traffic Scanning Engine

DarkLayer GUARD™ detects and blocks network communication to mitigate Zero Hour exploits, Ransomware C&C’s, next-gen attacks and data leakages on DNS, HTTPS and HTTP layers. The scanning engine supports fully customizable white/black listing.

The Heimdal filter receives more than 800,000 new weekly updates to keep up with cyber criminals’ threats. A filter update is provided every 2 hours.

Tracking device-to-infrastructure communication

The VectorN Detection engine detects and mitigates 2nd generation malware strains, regardless of the attack vector.

Using Machine Learning Detection, Indicators of compromise/attack and Network forensics to analyse all HTTP, HTTPS and DNS traffic.

Install and Patch Engine

The Software Management module stops vulnerabilities in software which aren’t up to date and haven’t had the latest patches installed – these vulnerabilities are exploited in 65% of attacks. Heimdal’s patch & install engine automatically installs and patches critical applications silently, with zero setup and without user interruption.

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Discover even hidden or dormant malware threats

Uncover hidden, next generation malware that tries to infect the endpoint or attempts to harvest data from the compromised system.

By tracking device-to-infrastructure communication, this technology enables users to detect and block advanced malware, regardless of the attack vector.

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Vector Detection Diagram - Click to enlarge

Heimdal offers protection where endpoint protection products give up

Heimdal Ransomware Protection

Vector Detection Diagram - Click to enlarge

Proactively blocks ransomware before it has a chance to encrypt data.

Heimdal uses 5 layers to stop Ransomware attacks: Attack blocking, Patching, Exploit blocking, Dropper protection and key delivery filtering.

Heimdal Exploit Protection

Vector Detection Diagram - Click to enlarge

Software exploits, especially in Adobe Flash and Oracle Java, are a common path of attack. Overall, software exploits account for 85% of attack angles.

endpoint protection products and firewalls cannot shield users from these attacks, as no file is executed on the PC – but Heimdal Corp can.

Heimdal Data Protection

Vector Detection Diagram - Click to enlarge

Banking Trojans and data stealers are often delivered through a morphed Zeus infection, which has a low antivirus detection rate.

Heimdal blocks access to the Zeus / Data Trojan servers, thus ensuring banking funds or data is not lost even if users are infected.

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