Why Heimdal Security for Resellers

Heimdal Security provides preemptive vulnerability management to help achieve complaince with automatic deploment of patches and software, with zero user interruption, at any location, at any time.

Thor Foresight uses forensic analysis and threat intelligence to detect and block dangerous inbound and outbound web traffic, whilst the portal monitors threats in real-time.

X-ploit Resilience

Vulnerability Management Automated

X-ploit Resilience ensures endpoints are always up to date and provides in-depth vulnerability reports and historic data to help maintain compliance.

  • Automated Patch Management – Silent, fully customisable patching, schedule patches remotely and includes versioning.
  • Automatically patch security-critical 3rd-party software across the board, with no location or scheduling restraints, eliminating vulnerabilities and extraneous costs all in one go
  • Infinity management - allows you to upload your own patches and non standard software for deployment
x-ploit - Achieve compliance


Ensures your endpoints are always up to date and provides in-depth vulnerability reports and historic data to help you maintain compliance.

x-ploit - Close vulnerabilities


Reduces up to 85% of targeted attacks and mitigates exploits through consistent patching.

x-ploit - Automatic, silent patching

Automatic, silent patching

Ensures fully encrypted, automatic patch deployment and software installation featuring zero user interruption.

x-ploit - Customize and deploy fast

Customize and deploy fast

Enjoy fully customizable deploy times and enable patching delays on all your endpoints to fit your specific requirements.

x-ploit - Save time and resources

Save time and resources

Free up time for more important task by automating vulnerability management and empowering users to install new apps without requiring admin rights.

x-ploit - Maintain security standards

Maintain security standards

Manage software installation, removal and patching remotely. Thor Foresight works anywhere in the world!

Thor Foresight Enterprise

Traffic-Based protection adds to a Multi-layered Security Approach

Thor Foresight is not a replacement for endpoint protection, and in fact the two solutions complement each other as they address different endpoint security aspects.

  • Endpoint protection products scan files and signatures and offer firewall and phishing protection.
  • Heimdal focuses on the communication from and to the PC to combat and detect incoming 2nd generation malware, combined with patching to close security gaps used by attackers.

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