Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection

Protects endpoints with next-gen layered cloud security that out-thinks malware

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Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection delivers powerful, layered cloud security that not only defeats exploits, malware, fileless attacks and ransomware, but completely removes them from previously infected machines.

Endpoint Protection is now also certified as a next-generation, PCI-compliant replacement for your customers’ traditional anti-virus solutions, enabling you to expand your product and service footprint within both existing and new customers.

Critically, Endpoint Protection drives down the cost of servicing customers of all sizes, too, wherever you and they operate, thanks to its cloud management console that frees you from on-premise agents, multiple site logins and installation / hosting overheads.

Endpoint Protection provides seven layers of protection, including a signature-less, machine learning based anomaly detection engine that models known trusted files instead of modelling historical malware samples; this means there is no need for constantly retraining very time a new piece of malware appears.


Benefits of Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection combines a blend of advanced technologies to detect and stop attacks at every stage of their execution, with simplified management and minimal end-user impact. It enables you to deliver to your customers: 

  • Simplified deployment, via a single, unified endpoint agent that provides instant time-to-value and effortless scalability
  • Easy, economical management, thanks to a centralised, cloud-based console that works seamlessly across all sites and geographic locations
  • Comprehensive asset management, to enable visibility and actionable understanding of all endpoint system data (interfaces, devices, software and more)
  • Automated, accurate, and thorough remediation and removal of malware from infected machines that other solutions have failed to protect, using the in-built Incident Response engine
  • Zero-hour malware and ransomware protection - Reduces the chance of data loss by protecting against zero-hour malware and ransomware that traditional security solutions miss.


Compelling reasons to upsell from existing Endpoint Security solutions
Cloud-based Management console Anomaly Detection (Machine-learning) Asset Management Agents Phone-based technical support included in price
Endpoint Protection Cloud Only 1 agent to manage
Endpoint Security On-premise only 3 agents (2 managed, 1 unmanaged)


Endpoint Protection features seven separate layers of protection including Web Protection, Application Hardening, Application Behaviour Protection, Anomaly Detection, Payload Analysis and Ransomware Mitigation, to stop threats at every stage of their execution - all driven by threat intelligence and telemetry obtained from over 3 million endpoints daily!