Unique benefits for your business

Blue Solutions and Malwarebytes give your business the edge where your customers urgently need it – the "arc of vulnerability" that runs from zero-day exploits, through anti-malware and into endpoint security. Together, Malwarebytes and Blue Solutions deliver a truly unique range of benefits to partners, including:

  • Margin-rich flexibility – Layered protection, enabling you to profitably meet customer needs at every stage of the arc
  • Revenue boosters – Easy access to training and sales tools, as well as bespoke collateral to meet customers’ specific needs, give you what you need to close more deals, quicker
  • Greater share of wallet – Add this unique security offering to your armoury and you’ll drive up your monthly billings from the customers you already have
  • Expert business transitioning support – Blue Solution’s dedicated team of Malwarebytes experts moves your business painlessly from unpredictable break-fix to profitable, regular service revenues

Learn more about how Blue Solutions and Malwarebytes put your business ahead of the arc (and the curve).

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