Why Malwarebytes?

Layers stop malware other solutions can’t

Malwarebytes iconNothing wins your end-users’ confidence like the knowledge that your services come with a proven performance track record, will protect their businesses at the earliest possible sign of a threat, and are a byword for quality and customer satisfaction in the industry.

Blue Solutions’ partnership with Malwarebytes delivers:

  • Killer performance: Malwarebytes removed over 5 billion separate varieties of malware in 2014 alone. Some 9 out of 10 industry professionals know or have used Malwarebytes, reflecting its established pedigree, and www.av-test.org voted it the solution for “best repair”
  • Outstanding service levels: Blue Solutions’ dedicated team of trained and certified Malwarebytes experts means we address customers’ user requirements and issues rapidly, so that the service they receive from you is always exemplary
  • Unrivalled peace of mind: Catch an infection early and it will do little or no damage. Blue Solutions and Malwarebytes provide signatureless zero hour protection to ensure your customers easily leave the bad guys behind on the starting line

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