Why source Malwarebytes through Blue Solutions?

A combination of benefits you won’t find elsewhere.

You can measure any partner program on what it delivers to your business. Blue Solutions works with Malwarebytes to strengthen that delivery, through:

  • Deal registration – 5% reduction for deal registration keeps your margins keen and your pipeline protected.
  • Joined-up marketing campaigns – “Campaigns in a box” give you what you need to create first-class marketing deliverables that drive engagement and sales – and we can support them financially with MDF, too!
  • Expert support and sales enablement – Pick up the phone and you can speak to a certified engineer, as well as a UK-based CAM. NFRs are available to help you demo effectively to your customers, and our engineers give your sales a helping hand by participating in your webinars and training activities, too!
  • Promotions that deliver reach – We reshape our Malwarebytes offers to appeal to your customers’ changing needs – and we can support your promotional activity through our own blogging, content marketing, web and social media channels, too.

Build a business on Blue Solutions and Malwarebytes, and you go to market with competitive advantage built in!