We’re not GDPR experts but we DO know about the best cyber-security solutions! We take a multi-layered approach and advise you on what solutions are right for your customers to ensure a risk of a breach is minimised.

GDPR maybe seen as a threat by some businesses who are worried about not being compliant But the real threat is not having the necessary security measures in the first place - without these a business is open to cyber-attacks and as a direct or indirect result could go out of business.

We know many of your customers are struggling to relate cyber-security to GDPR, so our new series of GDPR Knowledge Briefs help you position cyber-security at the heart of your customers’ GDPR strategy and steer them to buying decisions that boost your bottom line. We can customise each of these GDPR Knowledge Briefs with your logo and contact info, to position your brand to your customers and prospects as a source of helpful and authoritative information on GDPR. Get in Touch.

GDPR: Overview

Unless each layer is secured, it’s a cyber-attack waiting to happen, spelling damage to brand, reputation and revenues, as well as susceptibility to lawsuits! This Brief explains the importance of layered security before even looking at GDPR. Download Now

GDPR: Email Security

Over 120 billion business emails will be sent this year, many harbouring spam, phishing, and malware that can compromise data.This brief discusses why the right email security solution is imperative to stop them falling victim to a GDPR lawsuit.
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GDPR: Data Protection

Data is the lifeblood of businesses – that’s why cyber-criminals attempt to steal it and hold it to ransom. This Brief explains about the types of data governance and data loss prevention solutions that can help you be GDPR compliant. Download Now

GDPR: Backup and Disaster Recovery

Businesses need to ensure that if data is lost, compromised, corrupted or deleted it can be quickly and securely recovered: This Brief discusses the best B&DR solutions to render lost data harmless and notify any data breach within 72 hours – a legal requirement. Download Now

GDPR: Application Patching

Cyber-criminals know patching can be a headache to manage – unpatched vulnerabilities in software account for 85% of all attack angles! Use this Brief to show your customers how automatic patching can slash their vulnerability from a breach.
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This devious scam holds your customers’ data prisoner and paralyses their business – often, even if they pay up – and it’s on the rise in 2018.

Use a ransomware vaccine to instantly immunise a machine, and it can’t become infected. Just tick a box in a console to deploy, manage and bill it across all your customers and users!

Our solutions

Ransomware: Malwarebytes / Redstor

Anti Exploit and Zero Day Protection: Malwarebytes

Malware Remediation: Malwarebytes


Software exploits that target unpatched vulnerabilities account for approximately 85% of all attack angles!

Businesses rely on third-party applications to manage critical workflows and enhance productivity; but if they are not kept up to date then they become the weakest link.

Cyber-criminals know that patching can be a headache to manage, sucking up time and increasing management and admin costs – this is why it’s the most favoured form of attack.

Our solutions

Patch Management (OnPrem): Heimdal

Patch Management (MSP): Heimdal


Email is still the most common entry route into your customers for all manner of cyber-nasties, including phishing, virus attachment payloads, and more. So how do you help them to secure it when they have few or no in-house IT experts?

Maintenance-free solutions that work without costly servers or IT staff, blocking spam, malware and phishing attacks before they even reach their networks, whilst providing encryption, anti-span and email continuity. Plus a single pane of glass that enables you to easily cover off all licensing, billing, and remote monitoring.

Our solutions

Cloud Email Security: AppRiver


Business Email Compromise (BEC) tricks employees into sending information or money somewhere it shouldn’t go, by imitating an instruction from a CEO or other senior figure.

The FBI reports that global BEC losses exceeded £9.4 billion - $12 billion - in 2018. But solutions with built-in BEC detection – e.g. the ability to automatically distinguish between the writing style of the real CEO and that of a fraudster – can stop this kind of targeted phishing attack in its tracks.


Endpoints aren’t only the vehicles by which email and web nasties often enter your customers’ business - they’re also a security risk in themselves. Hackers go after the data stored on them, and employees do things with them they shouldn’t!

Our solutions

Physical Endpoint Security Solutions: Malwarebytes


Clicking a malicious link on a website isn’t the only thing that can trigger malware. Sometimes, just visiting the website can start a drive-by attack. How do you protect your customers against bad links on good sites, bad links on bad sites, and bad sites full stop?

Our solutions

Web Security: AppRiver


Data is on the move - on flash drives, by email, in the cloud, on personal mobile devices. At any of those stages, it could be lost or stolen. Worse still stolen data can be used to bypass security in the Endpoint, Application, Network and Cloud layers.


Small businesses are notoriously bad at data backup and recovery – 58% couldn’t survive any loss of data.

But backing up data to multiple alternative locations is of little use if that data can’t be rapidly restored into your customers’ business in a way that makes it easy for them to continue using it to do business.

Our solutions

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

Offsite and Replication

Physical and Virtual Backup