E-Communications 18/05/17 - More on the ‘WannaCrypt0r-killers’: Malwarebytes
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You might have seen our email earlier this week about the ‘WannaCrypt0r-killer’ anti-ransomware solutions. We thought you might want to learn more about some of them – so here’s some information on Malwarebytes.

To find out more about ransomware and how Malwarebytes’ Endpoint Security solution defeats it, read this PDF - or for a more general anti-ransomware overview, watch the first video on this page

Anti-ransomware tech in Malwarebytes Endpoint Security

Here are just a few other Malwarebytes benefits you might be interested in:
  • Ransomware has nowhere to hide! Malwarebytes is unique in offering four-layer protection – operating system, memory, application behaviour, application hardening – so wherever the threat is detected, it is killed.
  • Install and forget – Advanced technology doesn’t employ blacklisting/whitelisting or sandboxing, so it needs far less management and almost no end-user interaction.
  • Revenue multiplier – Malwarebytes doesn’t displace existing security solutions, so it can be easily sold in to your current clients as an additional revenue stream, and is more attractive to prospects.
  • Easy, rapid deployment – Protects all endpoints from a single console and automatically detects and secures unprotected endpoints.
So is Malwarebytes a credible player in your customers’ fight against the next outbreak of WannaCrypt0r (and other exploits)? Take a look at these resources and decide for yourself.

(And, of course, get in touch if you want to know more!)

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The Blue Solutions Malwarebytes Team

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