E-Communications 09/04/19 - Our new email archiving vendor is Voldemort!
Blue Solutions
Announcing our new email archiving vendor

We’re very excited to announce that we have a new vendor on board that will enable you to add market-leading, GDPR-compliant archiving and other email security services to your revenue streams – but, just like Voldemort, we cannot speak the vendor’s name!

We’ll be sharing full details with you in a press release later this week, so watch out for that email from us, but in the meantime, see if the following hints pique your interest:
Bull A leading, next-generation email security specialist, with multiple awards to its name (Computing Security Awards, Red Herring Top 100 Europe Award…)
Bull MSP-ready email archiving / data loss prevention solution with a combination of GDPR, risk and legal compliance benefits your customers can’t get elsewhere (plus annual licensing options too)
Bull Up and running in minutes – Start billing immediately!
Bull Works with what your customers already have - Supports a wide variety of email solutions and storage methods, on-premise or cloud
Bull More revenue streams, for longer - Secures your customers’ data for many years, but also creates new revenue opportunities around email security and load-balancing services
Fallen under the spell yet? Call us on 0118 9898 222 or send us a message and we’ll see if we can’t conjure up a bit more info for you...
How do we unmask Voldemort – and discover what it’s capable of?

We’ll be in touch later this week to reveal all – and you’ll be able to request a demo and a price list imminently.

So keep an eye out for our email – because this vendor has one magical set of products!

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Kind regards,

The Blue Solutions Voldemort Team

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