Security Health Check

The Blue Solutions Security Health Check

Get Your Solutions In Shape to Protect Your Customers and Reputation

Security Health Check iconWhat is a Blue Solutions Security Health Check?

Think of our Security Health Check as an MOT for the security solutions we provide to you and you deliver to your customers. We ensure they’re properly configured and able to deliver all the benefits you (and the vendors) promise they can!

In short, our Security Health Checks help you ensure you don’t let your customers down.


“Our security solutions are cutting-edge. Why would we need a security health check?”

Some sobering statistics for you:

  • Misconfigurations in Amazon’s AWS service resulted in user data being compromised
  • Industry analysts Gartner say misconfiguration will be 2017’s most common source of mobile breaches
  • The InfoSec Institute place misconfiguration in the top ten cyber-risks in 2017

It doesn’t matter how state-of-the-art the security solutions you deliver to your customers are if you fail to configure them correctly, threats and malware stand a greater chance of getting past them, potentially exposing your business and your customers to huge operational and reputational risk.


“It sounds like this Security Health Check will eat up a lot of my time…”

Unlike an MOT, our Security Health Check needn’t take a chunk out of your day – it just takes an hour. It can be performed by an engineer remotely, using the same web consoles you use to deliver and manage your security offerings.


“What does the Security Health Check cover?”

Typically, the Health Check covers 60 or more potential security configuration issues,  across solutions from AppRiver, Heimdal Security, Malwarebytes and Trend Micro, including:

  • Unresolved malware
  • Patching and security updates
  • Licence status
  • Choice of deployed modules and scan engines
  • Policy and protection compliance
  • Impending end-of-life, end of support, and other OS-related issues
  • Settings (e.g. threat sensitivity); options enabled and disenabled
  • Identification and authentication


“Who’s going to fix any issues found?”

  • If you have in-house technical staff - Once we’ve carried out the Health Check, you get a report containing the actions your technical people need to take to fix any issues.
  • If you have no technical expertise available - You still get the report, but our Professional Services Team can also deliver consultancy to fix the issue for you.


“I want to know more. What do I need to do?”

Get in touch today and we’ll do the rest.