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Why Datafortress

Business Continuity Solutions: Reliable and bomb-proof

DataFortress is a leading provider of cloud-based data backup and recovery services, assisting thousands of businesses worldwide (used by defence and Governments) to protect one of their most valuable assets: their data.

It helps businesses be GDPR compliant – complies with the highest standards (SO27001 and 9001 certified) to ensure the integrity and security of data.

Small businesses need an affordable secure, robust, easy to manage backup and recovery solution:

  • 50% could not withstand any amount of data loss whatsoever
  • Around 80% experience a shutdown if they can’t get to their data
Why Datafortress

Why Datafortress for Managed Service Providers

Instant MSP solution, rapid profitability

DataFortress is a ready-assembled MSP solution for data backup and recovery. It enables your business to start selling high-demand backup and recovery services in literally minutes, at maximum profitability - Easily scale your service (and revenues!) to protect thousands of workstations and servers, across all your customers.


An Instant MSP solution means rapid profitability:

  • No upfront payment or minimum contract
  • Monthly aggregated PAYG Billing
  • Tiered Pricing includes all server & desktop licences
  • No volume purchase commitment
  • Automated usage reporting
  • Free internal testing and 30 day free trials available for all products
  • Government-grade security
  • Off-site disaster recovery
  • No hardware to manage
  • Hyper-efficient bandwidth use: backs up the changes (deltas), not the entire dataset
  • Automatic, up-to-the-minute backup scheduling and software updates

Reduced management workload – remotely pass control of activities to end-users

  • Manage multiple users & backup accounts from single interface
  • Fully automated – no human intervention or management
  • Protect data against user error.
  • Instant access to recovery data.
  • HW/SW Failure
  • Malicious intent
  • Ransomware
  • Cyber attacks
  • Loss of Workforce
  • Human Error

Datafortress Cloud Backup Service

Backup and restore data, securely and resiliently

Datafortress Cloud-based backup service is a fully automated proven solution, built using Attix 5 technology and ISO27001 and 9001 certified. Benefits include:

  • Low costs: monthly PAYG billing means you pay for what you’ve used after you’ve used it. (monthly / yearly capacity-based subscriptions are also available).
  • Military-grade encryption: Data is protected by the latest 256-bit AES GCM encryption technology before it leaves the device
  • Maximum resilience and availability: Data is stored in multiple, mirrored Tier 3 UK data centres, and 100 million files-per-hour backup capability, to deliver the highest possible levels of availability.
  • Seeding Service: Courier or FTP
  • Local Backup: enables backup onto local storage media, always an accessible in-house fallback when internet access fails.

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Datafortress Cloud Backup Service

Full System Backup

Backup everything at the click of a button

Simply click a button and all data (files, folders, and images) are backed up from all target machines (endpoints, servers, and everything in between). It can handle scores of file formats (incl. SQL, Exchange, Hyper-V)

Unparalleled speed and coverage – Not only can DataFortress Cloud Backup index and back up 100 million files in an hour it can recover a 70Gb SQL server in three seconds

Data saved to a virtual disk that can be run as a virtual machine - means the business can always rapidly recover the very latest version of its backup data – with no reliance on hardware that might itself have fallen victim

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Datafortress - Full System Backup

Click the automate button or immediate backup

Instant Data - Instant access to streamed recovery data

Recovery starts more quickly, delivering much-improved RTO

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is a critical measure of backup resilience, but whilst customers are waiting for the backup and recovery data to build, they can’t access it.

But DataFortress’s Instant Data enables you to spin up a virtual SQL backup server that streams backup and recovery data, AND enable you to access and use it, as it builds – without having to wait for it to download.

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Datafortress Instant Data

Get to critical backup data without
waiting for it all to download


Single Console: Monitor and deliver DataFortress to all your customers through a single console, drastically reducing management overheads

Easy control of users: Manage multiple users and backup accounts from a single interface, rather than wasting productivity dealing with several different management tools

Reduced management workload: Remotely pass control of backup and compliance activities to the end-users, who can recover critical data and backups at the push of a button - meaning less management burden for you!

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