E-Communications 03/08/17 - Check out two exciting new Malwarebytes products
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Malwarebytes - Layered Security Solutions

Malwarebytes now delivers two powerful new products through Blue Solutions:

Endpoint Protection – Layered cloud security to drive down costs, plus AV replacement

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection delivers layered cloud security that stops and removes ransomware, malware, zero-day exploits, PUPs and adware. Its cloud management console also drives down the cost of servicing customers of all sizes.

Endpoint Protection’s cloud console
Endpoint Protection’s cloud console makes management easy and economical

Endpoint Protection has been certified as a next-generation, PCI-compliant replacement for your customers' existing anti-virus solutions, and is a compelling upsell from the existing Endpoint Security solution in many other ways, too, as the table below shows:

Solution Cloud-based Management console Machine-learning / Anomaly Detection Asset Management Agents Phone-based technical support included in price
Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection Tick Cloud Tick Tick Only 1 agent to manage Tick
Malwarebytes Endpoint Security Cross On-premise only Cross Cross 3 agents (2 managed, 1 unmanaged) Cross


Incident Response - Remediate and remove threats, when seconds matter

If your customers’ existing security solutions let threats through, these can dwell on the network for hundreds of days – and remediating just a single infected machine can take many hours.

Incident Response enables you to rescue customers when they need it most, removing threats and malware from their networks, across sites and geographies – again, from one centralised cloud console.

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Your customer prefers on-prem? No problem.

We continue to supply Endpoint Security for customers who prefer an on-premise security solution. Click here for more information.

Cloud convenience, great upsell potential, and the ability to rescue your customers from infection – the new Malwarebytes products from Blue Solutions are a business-winning combination for security partners like you!

Kind regards,

The Blue Solutions Malwarebytes Team

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